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Fix header capitalization and add condition to detect ESD calls

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......@@ -45,16 +45,19 @@ def log_simulate(request, response, context, financements=None, errors=None):
"version": VERSION,
}, sort_keys=True))
application = request.headers.get('ORIGIN-USER')
if not application and request.headers.get('AUTHORIZATION'):
application = 'esd'
message_esd = {
"startup": "trefle",
"requestId": str(uuid.uuid4()),
"date": datetime.utcnow().isoformat(),
"remoteIP": request.headers.get("x-real-ip"),
"httpReferer": request.headers.get("referer"),
"httpUserAgent": request.headers.get("user-agent"),
"remoteIP": request.headers.get("X-REAL-IP"),
"httpReferer": request.headers.get("REFERER"),
"httpUserAgent": request.headers.get("USER-AGENT"),
"status": response.status,
"apiVersion": VERSION,
"application": request.headers.get('origin-user'),
"application": application,
}, sort_keys=True))
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