Commit 88ccf4a1 authored by sreg's avatar sreg
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- Utilisation de longitude/latitude de reference plutot que intercarif.

parent 823f7478
......@@ -467,7 +467,8 @@
s.content AS sessioncontent,
DATE_FORMAT(s.beganat,'%%Y-%%m-%%d') AS datedebut,
DATE_FORMAT(s.endedat,'%%Y-%%m-%%d') AS datefin, AS session_lat,s.lng AS session_lng,
FUNC_EXTRADATA('lt',r1.extradata,'') AS session_lat,
FUNC_EXTRADATA('lg',r1.extradata,'') AS session_lng, AS orga_id,o.content AS orgacontent, AS organame,
SELECT r.extradata
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